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Encourage Your Husband to Lead

Christian wives want to do all they can to help their husbands be all they can be. It can be difficult, though, to take a step back and allow him to lead in the marriage. Barbara Rainey offers practical advice for wives who want to grow in this area.

Barbara Rainey's Early Years - Newlyweds

Newlywed couples go through a season of new experiences and adjustments as they settle into marriage. In this episode, learn from some of the ways Dennis and Barbara Rainey had to adjust to one another.

Barbara Rainey's Early Years - Courtship and Engagement

Barbara and Dennis were good friends, but just friends. And she was content to keep it that way. Find out what changed her mind.

Sold Out For Jesus

After coming to Christ, Barbara Rainey faced a choice: would she submit to God's plan for her life, no matter what? Get to know Barbara better in this second installment about her early years.

God is Enough

The failures of the past, the difficulties of the present, and our fears for the future threaten to derail our thinking. Barbara Rainey shows us how our Trinitarian God is enough for our past, present, and future.

Letters to My Daughters: Encouraging Your Husband

In this episode, Barbara Rainey shares advice on how to build up and encourage your husband, even when it seems hard.

Letters To My Daughters: Weathering Storms In Your Marriage

Trials and difficulties are a given in any marriage. Dennis and Barbara Rainey offer couples Biblical, practical advice for how to weather the storms and grow stronger in the midst of suffering.

Barbara Rainey's Early Years: Coming to Know Christ

We can learn many lessons from the lives of others. In this episode, Barbara Rainey shares how God was at work in her life during her teen and college years.

Ways to Elevate Easter

You already know Easter is significant to Christians. But what can you do to raise its importance in the eyes of you and your family? Barbara Rainey gives practical ideas for ways you can elevate Easter.

Remembering His Sacrifice

At Christmas we spend weeks, if not months, shopping, planning, and preparing. Easter, on the other hand, often gets our leftovers. In this episode of Ever Thine Home, Barbara Rainey challenges us to change our approach.

Q&A With Barbara on Parenting

Find out how Barbara Rainey handled sibling conflict, kept her marriage a priority, and tried to have established family nights. In this episode, she mentors younger moms, answering their parenting questions.

Forgive Frequently

In this episode of Ever Thine Home: an Olympic athlete forgives her father. A mother humbles herself, asking her children to forgive her. A father forgives the man who murdered his daughter.

Forgiveness is a Gift

Have you ever struggled to forgive someone? In this episode, Dennis and Barbara Rainey turn to two powerful examples from history as models for how we can forgive, too.

Teaching Children About Easter

Kids love learning! You can make Bible stories come to life by putting into practice some of these creative ideas from Barbara Rainey.

The Lenten Season

How do you build anticipation for Easter? Whether you grew up observing Lent or not, Barbara Rainey says the six weeks leading up to Easter can become a meaningful time in your own life.

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